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  3. Amin Hekmatnejad
  • +56 32 2372607

Amin Hekmatnejad

Ingeniero en Minas / Universidad Tecnológica de Shahrood , Shahrood, Irán.

Magíster en Ingeniería de Minas / Universidad de Tehran, Tehran, Irán.

Doctor en Ingeniería de Minas /  Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile.



  • Mecánica de rocas aplicada
  • Computación aplicada

Líneas de Investigación

  • Mecánica de Rocas
  • Geoestadística
  • Energía


Oficina 4-7


Hekmatnejad, A., Crespin, B., (2021). R-Dis-Frag a new computer package code for modern engineering of fractured media. In preparation.

Hekmatnejad, A., Crespin, B., savvedra, C., (2021). A new approach to predict the overexavation around tunnel of El Teniente Mine. In preparation

Hekmatnejad, A., Crespin, B., Pan., p., Emery, X., Mancilla, F., Morales, M., Seyedrahimi- Niaraq., M. (2021). A hybrid approach to predict hanging outs frequency in block cave mining at El Teniente mine, Chile. Engineering geology. Under revision

Seyedrahimi-Niaraq, M., Shahsavani, H., Hekmatnejad, H., (2021). Application of U-spatial statistics method for separating magnetic geophysical anomalies: A case study on the Galali iron ore deposit in western Iran. Arabian journal of geoscience. Under revision

Hekmatnejad, A., Crespin, B., Opazo, A., Vallejos, J., Adoko, A., (2021). A hybrid predictive model of unstable rock blocks around a tunnel based on estimated volumetric fracture intensity and circular variance from borehole data sets. Tunnelling and Underground Technology.

Hekmatnejad, A., Crespinc, B., Opazo, A., Emery, X., Hitschfeld-Kahler, N., Elmo, D. (2020). Investigating the impact of the estimation error of fracture intensity (P32) on engineering results; In-situ rock fragmentation evaluation and potential of block forming around tunnel, Journal of Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology.

Seyedrahimi-Niaraq, M., Doulati Ardejani, F., Noorollahi, Y., Jalilinasrabady, S., Hekmatnejad, A. (2020). An unsaturated three-dimensional model of fluid flow and heat transfer in NW Sabalan geothermal reservoir. Geothermics.

Seyedrahimi-Niaraq, M., Hekmatnejad, A. (2020). The efficiency and accuracy of probability diagram, spatial statistic and fractal methods in the identification of shear zone gold mineralization: A case study of the Saqqez gold ore district, NW Iran. Acta Geochimica.

Seyedrahimi-Niaraq, M., Hekmatnejad, A. (2020). Comparison of U-spatial statistics method with Classical Statistics results in the determination of geochemical anomalies of Epithermal Gold in Khoshnameh area, Hashtjin, Iran. Acta Geochimica, Under revision.

Alipour Shahsavari, M., Afzal, P., Hekmatnejad, A. (2020). Identification of geochemical anomalies using fractal and LOLIMOT neuro-fuzzy modeling in Mial area, Central Iran. Journal of Mining and Enviroment.

Hekmatnejad, A., Emery, X., Elmo, D. (2019). A geostatistical approach to estimating the parameters of a 3D Cox-Boolean discrete fracture network from 1D and 2D sampling observations, International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences.

Hekmatnejad, A., Emery, X., Vallejos, J. (2018). Robust estimation of the fracture diameter distribution from the true trace length distribution in the Poisson-disc discrete fracture network model, Journal of Computers and Geotechnics.

Hekmatnejad, A., Emery, X., Brzovic, A., Schachter, P., Vallejos, J., (2017). Spatial modeling of discontinuity intensity from borehole observations at El Teniente mine, Chile, Journal of Engineering Geology.

Hekmatnejad, A., Emery, X., Alipour-Shahsavari, M. (2017). Comparing linear and nonlinear kriging predictors for grade prediction and ore-waste classification in mineral deposits, International Journal of Mining, Reclamation, and Environment.


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