Abstract:The cell potential of the cell containing two ion-selective electrodes (ISE), Na-ISE |NaClO4 (m), PEG 4000 (Y), H2O (100-Y) | ClO4-ISE has been measured at temperatures of (288.15, 298.15, and 308.15) K as a function of the weight percentage Y of PEG 4000 in a mixed solvent at a 1 Mpa and the standard state for measured activity coefficients will be a solution of the salt in pure water. Y was varied between (0 and 25) wt.% in five-unit steps and the molality of the electrolyte (m) was between 0.05 mol kg-1 and almost saturation. The values of the standard cell potential were calculated using routine methods of extrapolation together with extended Debye- Hückel and Pitzer equations. The results obtained produced good internal consistency for all the temperatures studied. Once the standard electromotive force was determined, the mean ionic activity coefficients for NaClO4, the Gibbs energy of transfer from the water to the PEG 4000-water mixture, and the primary NaCl hydration number were calculated.

Keywords: NaClO4; PEG 4000; Cell potential; Ion-selective electrode; Activity coefficient