Abstract: The present mini-review focuses on recent applications of ionic liquid (IL) and deep eutectic solvents (DES) in biphasic oxidations where the oxidizing agent corresponds to the hydrogen peroxide. Biphasic reactions are accomplished when the substrate presents low or moderate solubility in aqueous (polar) systems and/or when separation of products and by-product is an issue. The properties of the IL and DES, allows to intensify reaction activity. On the other hand, the high chemical stability of the ionic solvents allows the use of the hydrogen peroxide minimizing the solvent degradation and unwanted byproducts. The experimental evidence presented in this work show that IL and DES can be used as co-catalysts, catalysts and solvents achieving enhanced yields and conversions. The process advantages, in terms of reduction of volatile solvents improve the safety and the use of the oxidizing agent, implying the possibility of new process improvements to be developed in the future.